What is an SSI Dive Control Specialist (DCS)?

The Dive Control Specialist (DiveCon) course is the most comprehensive entry level professional course the world has to offer. Showing candidates the presentation skills they will need to assist in the teaching of Scuba Diving courses is the portion of this program that sets this course as one of the very best.  Dive Control Specialists are highly sought after by SSI dive centres across the globe.

The SSI DiveCon program incorporates all three modules of the SSI entry level professional programs; Dive Guide, Divemaster & Dive Control Specialist. As Dive Control Specialists have to be affiliated to a particular dive centre, they dive, assist and lead dives exclusively for that dive centre and are required to be a trustworthy and loyal part of the team.

What do I require to start my SSI DiveCon course?
Be at least 18 years old and have at least 24 logged dives to enroll in the first module; Dive Guide, 50 logged dives to begin the second module; Divemaster & 60 to begin the third module; Dive Control Specialist.

Current First Aid & CPR certification is also required.

How long will it take to complete my SSI DiveCon course?
You require 75 dives to complete your DiveCon course so the length of your course will depend on your diving experience and your current certification level. The DiveCon program usually takes between two to eight weeks. If you are already enrolled in or certified as an SSI Divemaster, please ask us about our SSI Dive Control Specialist Upgrade program to complete this certification.

What am I qualified to do once I’m a certified DiveCon?

  • Perform in the same role as a Divemaster meeting the criteria to act as a Certified Assistant. A certified DiveCon may also teach the Open Water Diver academic and pool under the indirect supervision of an active SSI Instructor but may not conduct exercises involving self aid or emergency skills such as Air Sharing, Emergency Swimming and Emergency Buoyant Ascents unless directly supervised or they have successfully completed an SSI Instructor Training Course.

  • Take students, no more than two at a time, on underwater tours after the students have successfully completed the required skills with an Instructor.
  • Conduct the Resort Dive Program in Pool Only & the Scuba Skills Update program for certified divers.

After certification you may also enroll in the SSI Instructor Training Course.

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