Why Girls Love Scuba Diving

As a “Scuba Girl” myself, I’ve often been asked why girls love scuba diving. There are so many reasons, and these vary from person to person.

When I decided to learn to scuba dive, my friends thought I was crazy. “Girls can’t scuba dive!” they said… “What about all that heavy stuff?”… “Only guys dive and they’ll just look at you as a burden”…. “It’s just not something girls do!”

Those comments were made by my non-scuba diving friends (male and female). After seeing how much fun I was having, however, they dived right in and are now fellow scuba divers. And loving it, too!

When I started diving, I was the only girl on my Open Water Scuba Diver Course. I was only one of two girls on my Advanced Course. At that time there were less girls in our diving group than guys. But that didn’t bother us – we all absolutely loved Scuba Diving!

So what kind of girls love scuba diving?

The girls that belonged to my dive club came from all age groups and levels of fitness. We had a 16 year old girl learning to dive with her 40 year old mother. We had a grandmother of 56 as well as girls who participated in triathlons. In addition, there were some girls whose only exercise was the walk from the car into the Wimpy. We all kept up with the boys, carried our own weights and cylinders. Not to mention that we were often able to beat the boys at their joke telling!

Why do girls learn to scuba dive?

That was 20 years ago. Nowadays the boys taking scuba classes are being outnumbered by the girls. Quite a few of our students learn to dive so that they can join their partners on diving trips. They don’t want to be left on the shore any longer! In general, girls don’t want to listen to how great the dive was – they want to experience it for themselves.

Other reasons for the increase in girls wanting to learn to dive is that they want to try something different. Or they “just always wanted to do it but never found the right person to teach them”. What ever the reason, after their first dives most are absolutely hooked. Already in love with scuba diving, they’re eager for their next dive!

Scuba diving is easier than you think…

Although scuba diving does require a certain level of strength and fitness, it is not as strenuous as one expects. The added bonus is, the more you dive, the fitter you become. Even if you are able to do it all yourself, there is always a gentleman somewhere wanting to help out. Swallow your pride girls, let them carry your weight belt or cylinder, just smile and say “thank you!”. I still get teased for growling back “I can do it myself” all those years ago. Nowadays, I smile and am grateful.

Not always glamorous

I won’t deny that there are a couple of minor drawbacks of being a girl diver. For example – for those girls with neatly manicured long nails – they won’t stay like this for long. Nails break easily, usually when pulling on wetsuits, picking up weights and climbing over rocks. The solution – keep your nails short. Long hair can also be a problem. If yours is like mine, you will always have a bird’s nest / dreadlock hairdo after diving. However, plaiting your hair or simply saturating your hair with fresh water before a dive can help.

Shore diving comes with its own challenges. How often will you find a bathroom on a remote beach? Guys have it easy. We have to find a bush or make a plan. It’s all about being creative – and us girls are good at that, right? But then, there may be some guys reading this, so we’ll chat about this on our next dive, OK?

Amazing benefits

Diving really is an amazing sport for girls. For instance, the places it can take you to, the great people you meet and the wonderful things you see. There is nothing like it! Coupled with the feeling of total peace during a dive makes this an unbeatable sport. You will feel so relaxed after diving, too. So if you haven’t taken the plunge already – sign up for our Open Water Diver Course right now! You’ll soon realise why girls just like you love scuba diving!

Indigo Scuba is a great place to start your scuba diving adventure. We have a chilled and friendly way of teaching. Girls love diving with us! Contact us or give us a call today to see how easy it is to become a scuba diving girl.

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