The simple answer to this is “No”.

If you are a qualified diver, you have your certification for life.

That’s what’s so great about learning to scuba dive – once you have your certification, you have it.  No need to re-do the course after “x” number of years.

However, if you haven’t been in the water for a while, we would certainly recommend you come and do a refresher course.


The reason for this is to re-acclimatise yourself with your gear, to check that your equipment is still in tip-top condition and to make sure you remember all those important skills.

You’ll feel so much more comfortable if you know you can “still do it” when it’s time to get back into the water (especially if you are on your way to a diving holiday).

Nobody wants to reach the water to find their wetsuit no longer fits, their regulator is free-flowing, their mask has perished –  or that they simply cannot remember which button to press to inflate or deflate their BCD.


Yes, it happens!!!

Divers who have dived for years and those who are comfortable in the water can probably go with a longer break than others.  Divers who have qualified and then not dived for six months or more after completing their courses really should do a refresher.  Anyone who has not dived for over a year should definitely do one…

scuba lessons

If you’ve been in the “dry docks” for a while and are thinking about getting back in the water again, please contact us and book yourself in for a quick refresher course – you’ll enjoy your dives so much more 😀