Woman Nearly Drowns When She is Proposed to Underwater – Advice To Prevent This From Happening to You!

A headline to hit the news this week was “Woman Nearly Drowns When Fiancé Proposes While Scuba-Diving”

You can watch the video here.

Apart from the obvious initial shock, and the fact that she’s probably not been diving for long, she was no closer to drowning than my pet fish Oscar when someone taps on his tank.  She was in good hands and didn’t do the ultimate in dangerous – shooting to the surface.

This video brings home that we need to be comfortable in the water and the only way to become comfortable is to do a course, practice your skills over and over again and dive.. dive.. dive!….

mask clear

Mask clearing is one of the most important (and simple) skills that can be learned. As a diver, you will have a leaky mask now and again, but on most dives, you won’t.  Or your buddy will make you laugh so much that your mask might flood, or if you’re really lucky, you might get proposed to underwater….

Practice makes perfect and after a while, mask clearing will become second nature to you.  At least, if you are surprised by an underwater proposal, you’ll not think twice about clearing your mask before saying “Yes”, you’ll do it automatically!

And congratulations to the happy couple – we hope they have lots of wonderful dives together for many years to come!

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