Advanced Adventurer Scuba Diver Course

Started on 11 Dec 2023

Advanced Adventurer Scuba Diver Course – After Your Open Water Diver Course

After you have your Open Water Diver Certification, you can do your Advanced Adventurer Scuba Diver Course. This will help you learn more about scuba diving and allow you to try different types of dives. You will gain more experience in your scuba diving journey and become a more confident and comfortable diver.

What the Advanced Adventurer Scuba Diver Course Includes

During the Advanced Adventurer Scuba Diver course, you will be able to try out 5 different types of ocean dives. Each type of dive is classed as a “specialty” and you can choose which ones you want to do from the list below.

The course is a great way to expand your scuba diving experience as you will try different types of diving and learn new skills.

Upon completion of your Advanced Adventurer course, provided you have chosen the Deep Diving specialty, you will be qualified to dive to depths of 30 metres. This is particularly useful if you plan on travelling. Many of the top dive sites in the world lie between 18 and 30 metres.

Choose from five of the following specialties:

  • Deep Diving
  • Navigation
  • Night / Limited Visibility Diving
  • Boat Diving
  • Search and Recovery
  • Perfect Buoyancy
  • Wreck Diving (subject to conditions)

The best way to become a better diver is to get as much experience and to dive as often as possible.  The more you dive, the more you get to practice your skills and improve your buoyancy.  Hand in hand with improving your buoyancy comes better air consumption and longer dives.

You will complete one open water training dive per specialty. If you decide to take a full course in any of the specialties you tried, the dive could count towards to your advanced certification.

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