Underwater Photography and Video Course

Started on 20 Sep 2021

About the Underwater Photography and Video Course

Sign up for our Underwater Photography and Video Course and learn how to take really great images underwater. The SSI Photography and Video Specialty teaches you the right techniques for instantly better photo results and teaches you how to optimize your camera (system) with valuable accessories.

Why do the Course?

The best part of this underwater photography course is learning how to take photos you will be proud to show your friends and family. It is a great way to relive your adventures that you have had and perhaps introduce others into the underwater world!

If you have a digital camera and underwater housing but don’t know how to use it, we’ll show you what to do. Besides teaching you the best techniques, we will show you how to care for you camera, too.

If you don’t already have an underwater set-up, the choice can be quite daunting. We can help you choose the right camera for you, making sure your investment will last you for many years.

What you will learn

We will cover the following topics to ensure you get the most from your camera:

  • Your Entry to the Underwater Photography
  • The Digital Camera System
  • Using your Camera System
  • Taking digital pictures underwater
  • Composition of your underwater pictures
  • Editing your digital pictures

Advanced Underwater Photography Courses

We also offer hands-on Underwater Photography courses for divers just starting out in underwater photography. Additionally, more advanced courses for experienced photographers wanting to perfect their technique are also available.

Our courses are presented by an award-winning and published professional underwater photographer and international photography judge. This means you will get expert advice at all times. Please read more about our Underwater Photography Courses HERE.

The primary goal of any SSI Specialty course is to teach you important skills whilst learning in a fun environment.

You can sign up for most of our courses and do theory using home study. This is followed by short academic sessions and in-water training. Why not combine other specialties while taking the Underwater Photography and Video course? Perfect Buoyancy is a great add on for you to consider. The possibilities are limitless!

Contact us today to sign up for this course and perfect your underwater photos!

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