RAID Open Water 20 Scuba Course

Started on 11 Dec 2023
Scuba divers on their Raid Open Water 20 Course

The RAID Open Water 20 Scuba course is an entry-level certification course for new divers.

Welcome to our most popular global certification program! On this course, you will learn everything you need to know to explore the underwater world with confidence.

How you can get Scuba Certified in 3 Steps:

  1. Study & Pass the online course
  2. Complete Water Skills Training
  3. Go Scuba Diving!
Raid Open Water 20 Course studentsWho is the RAID Open Water 20 Scuba course for?

The Open Water Diver Course is for anyone looking to learn to scuba dive and obtain a scuba diving certification. This is because our RAID Open Water Diver 20 course has a high degree of Student – Instructor interaction, ensuring you learn the right way!

Course Prerequisites

You must be 15 years and over of age to take this course and be in good health.

The minimum age that you can learn to scuba dive is 12 years old. However, if you are younger than 15, you can can take our RAID Junior Open Water Diver course. Additionally, when you reach the age of 15, you can then upgrade to the RAID Open Water Diver certification.

What you get with this course

Upon completion of this course, you will will receive the RAID Open Water 20 or Scuba Diver electronic certification. This allows you to dive to depths of 20 metres without an instructor. The great news is that RAID certifications are recognized and accepted world wide. 

Completing the Water Skills Training

While you are completing the online course, your dive Instructor will coordinate a time for you to complete the water training portion of this course.

Comprehensive Scuba Instruction

This official training program is developed to meet the high standards for scuba education established by RAID. Furthermore, the RAID Open Water Scuba Diver Course will cover all of the necessary skills and knowledge for open water scuba diving.

To start your adventure, please contact us to purchase your course materials*, and start your learning now.

RAID Certifications Accepted Everywhere

RAID Scuba Certifications are recognised worldwide. RAID programs are approved by the European Underwater Federation (EUF). The certifications you earn with RAID will be accepted by dive centers, charter operators, and dive destinations anywhere your adventure may take you!

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