Sign up for our Open Water Scuba Diving Course. This is the best way to learn to scuba dive.

Children can learn to scuba dive from the age of 10 by completing the Junior Open Water Diver Course. 

This is up to you! Many people can complete the online theory in one day. After that, it’s a day at our dive centre going through any questions you might have, writing a test and spending an afternoon in the pool going through the skills required to be a confident diver. Once you’ve completed this successfully, you need to do four open water dives to qualify as an Open Water Diver. If the weather and sea conditions are suitable, you can do two dives a day. So, it will take you about 4 – 5 days, weather depending.

Please visit our Pricing Page for the cost of our Open Water Scuba Diver Course.

Book a Discover Scuba session with us. You have an introduction to scuba diving and experience what it feels like to breathe underwater in our indoor heated pool.

Once you’ve qualified as an Open Water Scuba Diver, you will be able to dive anywhere in the world to depths of 18m.

We teach SSI Scuba Diving Courses. SSI is one of the largest Scuba Diving Certification Agencies in the world and your certification will be recognised at every scuba diving destination you visit.

It’s highly unlikely that you will see a great white shark or one of the bigger shark species on your dives. However, you will see some of the small shark species such as the cute puffadder and pyjama catsharks that grow up to about 1 metre long.

Although you do not need to purchase any gear to do your Open Water Diver Course, we strongly recommend that you do buy your own mask, snorkel, fins booties and wetsuit. We have a great selection available in our shop and will show you what will be best for you once you’ve started your course. Diving in your own personal gear is so much more comfortable.

The water here does not reach tropical temperatures, but with the right gear choice, you will be nice and toasty on your dives. We have wetsuits to suit everyone and will be able to advise you on what to purchase, depending on your needs.

We have our own boat that we designed specifically for diving and underwater photography. The Gordon’s Bay coastline is quite steep and many of the dive sites are far from the shore. Because of this, boat dives are the best way visit the top dive sites in False Bay.

We only rent out dive equipment to divers who come diving with us. Our equipment is well maintained and in excellent working order, cleaned and sanitised thoroughly before you use it.

We sell a range of scuba diving equipment and most importantly, equipment we would want to (and do!) use.  Brands include Aqualung, Apeks, Reef, Big Blue, Fantasea Line, Sea & Sea and OrcaTorch.

If you are an experienced diver, we will buddy you up with a diver of similar experience. You can also book a private dive guide if you’d like special TLC or someone to help you with your underwater photography. Otherwise, we do have a Dive Master who leads the dive who you can buddy up with.

If you would like to have your own private dive guide, you would need to book one in advance. This is especially useful if you are a new diver and would like to have someone look after you; or if you are an underwater photographer who would like a spotter find you particular critters or help you with your photography.

We specialise in underwater photography and have a professional underwater photographer on our team. Our crew is used to handling all sorts of underwater photography equipment and if you are a visiting photographer, we can help you with a box for your camera on the boat.

This is the ocean and there are no guarantees of what you will see on any dive. What you can expect to see is colourful marine life, sea fans, sponges, soft corals, nudibranchs and fish. The underwater tophography is varied from dive site to dive site and no two dives are ever the same.

Our boat is available for hire – whether for a camera crew, group of freedivers, or a dive club. Please contact us for more details and to book.

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