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RAID scuba diving courses are designed to provide the most advanced and comprehensive training in the industry. With a focus on improving both professional technical and recreational diving, RAID sets higher minimum standards for training in the water.


RAID utilizes IT technology to offer an online learning system, eliminating the need for physical books and certification cards.


Students have lifelong access to their own profiles containing certifications and dive logs, with free updates available for theoretical material.


The courses offered by RAID are thorough yet relaxed, allowing students to gain deep knowledge and skills required for each level.

By spending more time in the water, RAID aims to produce better and safer divers. With over 60 programs available, RAID is leading the way in scuba diving training with its advanced model and highly experienced trainers.


Scuba divers on their Raid Open Water 20 Course

RAID Open Water 20

Open Water 20 teaches you to become a confident scuba diver, qualified to explore the underwater world to a depth of 20 metres (65 feet).

R7 790 (includes 4 dives)

Raid Explorer 30 Course

RAID Explorer 30

This is an exciting, fun and practical programme designed to increase your skills and understanding of the important core areas of diving. 

R7 490 (includes 5 dives)

RAID Advanced 35 Scuba course

RAID Advanced 35

This course is designed to train experienced scuba divers to dive to a maximum depth of 35 metres (115 feet) with no decompression.

R7 990 (includes 6 dives)

RAID Deep 40 course

RAID Deep 40

Ready to elevate your diving experience? Consider the RAID Deep 40 specialty, offering an extensive exploration beyond regular diving limits with the confidence to dive up to 40m/140ft.

R5 990 (includes 4 dives)

RAID Wreck Diver Course

Wreck Specialty

Uncover Depths with RAID Wreck Diver Course. Delve into sunken treasures with the RAID Wreck Diver Course, your key to safe and skilled wreck exploration.


R5 600 (includes 2 dives)

Night and Limited visibility course

Night & Limited Visibility Specialty

Ready for an upgraded scuba adventure? Dive into RAID’s Night and Limited Visibility Specialty course to enhance your underwater navigation skills in low light.

R4 900 (includes 2 dives)


Navigation Specialty

Dive into underwater exploration with our RAID Navigation Specialty, designed to enhance your ability to plan, prepare, and analyze dives, reducing stress and enhancing your overall experience.

R4 100 (includes 2 dives)

Nitrox Specialty

Ready to boost your diving skills? The Nitrox course is more than just extending dive times; it’s about making smart decisions underwater.


R1 690 (R4 500 with dives)


Search & Recovery Specialty

Unlock new underwater skills with the RAID Search and Recovery course, designed to locate lost objects beneath the waves. Be everyone’s best buddy!

R5 990 (includes 4 dives)