RAID Wreck Diver Course

Started on 12 Jul 2024
RAID Wreck Diver Course

Uncover Depths with RAID Wreck Diver Course

Delve into sunken treasures with the RAID Wreck Diver Course, your key to safe and skilled wreck exploration.

Why Opt for the RAID Wreck Diver Course?

This specialty course elevates your diving expertise, thus ensuring safe wreck navigation without penetration. Gain insights into planning, preparing, and analyzing dives to enhance your overall diving experiences.

Course Highlights

This comprehensive program covers responsible wreck diving, providing insights into the value and nature of wrecks. Additionally, you will learn to choose appropriate wreck sites and master advanced wreck diving gear for a successful and enjoyable dive.

Safety First: RAID’s 10-Point Guide

Understand the parameters of wreck diving with RAID’s 10-point guide, thereby offering a comprehensive framework for safety considerations unique to this type of diving.

Enrollment Requirements

To enroll, be at least 15 years old with a certified RAID Open Water 20 Diver or equivalent certification. The course includes online e-learning academic presentations, quizzes, exams, and practical skills training.

Hands-On Learning

Apply newfound knowledge during a minimum of two open water training dives. You will additionally hone your skills and gain practical experience in wreck diving.

Certification Recognition

Upon completion, your open water skills will be acknowledged online through the RAID website. The certified RAID Wreck Diver recognition will be confirmed by the RAID Dive Centre, solidifying your wreck diving expertise.

Discover Hidden Stories Beneath the Waves

The RAID Wreck Diver Course opens a door to the captivating world of wrecks, ensuring safety and understanding of necessary techniques. Whether you’re a diving enthusiast or eager to expand your skills, this course provides knowledge and confidence for responsible wreck exploration.

Enroll Today and Dive into History

Seize the opportunity to enhance your diving experience and uncover hidden stories within wrecks. Contact us today to enroll in the RAID Wreck Diver Course and embark on a thrilling journey into the depths of history.

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