What Our Customers Say

“I have had the pleasure diving with Kate and Deon in the summer of 2010. It was my first time in South-Africa and my first time diving. With their enthusiasm and passion for diving, they contributed to a wonderful first experience and I would dive with them again any time!”

Manon, Netherlands

“I was scared spitless at the thought of breathing through a regulator, and vomited through it the first time I dived in a pool! My wife didn’t even want to put her head under the water! Deon did an excellent personal job in helping us overcome our fears. So much so that my wife has wonderful memories of diving at Richelieu Rock near the Similan islands in Thailand, and I was thrilled to do 3 dives on the drop-off at Sipadan Island in Borneo without any fear — even loved hanging onto a rock next to a huge school of barracudas at Barracuda Point in a fierce current!”

Frederick, Somerset West

“Only reason why we are inactive divers at this point in time is because we moved inland… but we are sure to catch a dive on any and every weekend we are back in Cape Town: and only with Indigo Scuba. If we ever have the opportunity in the future to move to Cape Town and start to dive regularly again I would definitely kit out fully at Deon’s shop at Indigo Scuba!!”

Nadia and Johan, Bloemfontein

“Deon and Kate are professional and make you feel welcome. A great diving school and they care. Deon went the ‘extra mile’.”

Hee-Jeon Kim, Stellenbosch

“I shopped around a lot for a diving school and Indigo Scuba was by far the best, including price, being friendly and being very professional. Thank you for a great time.”


“Look no further than Indigo Scuba, from what I have seen I think it is the best among the other dive centres. You get everything you need from a good scuba course at Indigo Scuba. Anybody can learn scuba dive – if you go to the right place …. Indigo Scuba. Thanks!”

Johan de Kock, Somerset West

“This is a very friendly, family business, we learned to dive in a small group, there was a huge amount of attention to detail and this is a really smooth operation.”

Faye, Cape Town

“Our instructor Deon is so patient and very thorough when it comes to the dives. I’ve recommended Indigo scuba to everyone that is interested in doing a course. Kate took awesome pictures whilst diving and even made a video of our group and posted it on youtube – Awesomeness!”

Antia Hanekom, Cape Town

“The attention to personal detail was great and Indigo Scuba’s adaptability to our personal circumstances to complete the beginner and advanced courses. Eg: Timing of the pool sessions and sea dives and adaptability around that.

Erin and Jean, Strand

“I was taught with patience and was given time to learn what I had difficulties with.”

Dawn Snyman, Strand

“I had a great time learning to dive with Indigo Scuba and always felt safe in the water, which is very important to me! I enjoyed watching video’s of my dive, making the experience even more memorable. A great dive school, and i would recommend them to anyone!”

Carlene van der Heiden, Cape Town

“We enjoyed everything about the course, the theory was very informative and detailed.”

Louise and Gavin, Somerset West

“It was an awesome experience – Meeting new people, boat, facing personal fears, challenge.”

Bruce Raw, Stellenbosch

“Indigo Scuba showed me a whole fantastic new world that I was unaware of before scuba diving. It is amazing and inspiring – underwater architecture + ecosystems living harmoniously without needing the human world. Diving can teach you an enormous amount about yourself, especially if one is a bit apprehensive at first. The feeling is like nothing else once one has conquered that fear and experiences the freedom of floating by magical underwater kingdoms.”

Bernadette Coetzer, Stellenbosch

“Everything about the course, the theory was very informative and detailed. Our instructor Deon is so patient and very thorough when it comes to the dives. I’ve recommended Indigo scuba to everyone that is interested in doing a course. I’ve done my research on scuba diving courses/schools – Indigo is simply in a different league.”

Pierre Broodryk, Gordon’s Bay

“Learning to dive with Indigo Scuba was simply amazing. We were so well looked after, instruction was great, people were fantastic, everything just went amazingly. Would definitely recommended them to anyone wanting anything scuba related.”

Deborah Kritzinger, Cape Town

“The fun we have and Deon + Kate sharing their knowledge and experiences!”

Mike Phillips, Constantia

“I enjoyed the whole experience! It has been so much fun diving with everyone at Indigo scuba. I have made so many new friends and I have met the most interesting people and I have learnt so much about the ocean. I can’t wait too see everyone again and hope that it will be as soon as possible. My best wishes to Kate, Deon, Olivia and everyone at Indigo Scuba.”

Bernhard Olivier, Sandton

“I loved every minute of the open water course, friendly staff and amazing diving, I would recommend indigo scuba to all friends and family.” ?

Melanie Clark, East London

“I found the course with Indigo Scuba very enjoyable, in a pleasant, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Always kept informed of dives and courses available. I would definitely recommend Indigo Scuba to my friends and family!”

Dave King, Somerset West