Our Dive Shop

Scuba Diving Equipment

In our dive shop at Indigo Scuba, we sell the best Scuba diving equipment and underwater photography gear on the market. Brands that you can rely on and equipment that will last!

We use all the scuba diving equipment we sell and know you will love it – because we do!

It is important that you buy scuba diving equipment that fits you well, and that you can rely on. It is a big investment, and once you have it, you’ll want to know it’s going to last. 

Please pay us a visit so that we can help you choose what works best for your scuba diving experience and style. And if you’re a little to far to pop in, contact us for a chat.

Our most popular scuba diving equipment brands

  • Aqualung
  • Apeks
  • Faber steel cylinders
  • Reef Wetsuits
  • Coral Wetsuits
  • Rofos Drysuits
  • BigBlue Lights
  • OrcaTorch Torches & Video Light