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photo of romblon in the philippines

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Underwater Photography!

If you are an underwater photographer, you will be well catered for! As we love underwater photography, we select operators that are underwater photographer friendly. This ensures that you will go home with the best possible photos of your dives.

Philippines Dive Trip - May 2023

Scuba diving trip to Romblon


25 May 2023 – 8 June 2023 
R30 990 per person sharing

Join us on our dive trip to the centre of the centre of biodiversity – Romblon!

Nestled in the heart of the Philippines is an island rich in biodiversity and geological wonder. Lush rainforests paint the landscape and rare, alien-like creatures traipse below the shifting surface. Romblon boasts magnificent marble boulders, stretches of powdery sand beaches and an endless supply of peculiar creatures for marine lovers and macro enthusiasts.

Where is Romblon?

Romblon Province is located at the end of the Verde Island Passage between Luzon and the Visayan Islands – not only at the geographical centre of the Philippines, but also at the “centre of centre of biodiversity” and known to be one of the richest areas when it comes to marine species. New species are constantly being discovered here.

Romblon Island

Romblon Island is not bigger than 50 square kilometres and is famous for its authentic charm and friendly people. The dive spots are highly diverse. From hard coral formations, soft coral gardens, caves and cliffs with large gorgonians to sand/muck and colourful shallow water dive sites. This is the dive trip of a lifetime!

The diving!

You can explore these numerous underwater landscapes often without any other divers around, and will find in Romblon a serene underwater haven. Most dive sites are suitable for all levels of experience with none to very little current. Water temperatures are usually between 26 °C and 30°C. The visibility under water is usually at least 20 metres.

Underwater topography

One of the richest marine biodiversities in the world can be found in Romblon. On vertical walls and colourful reefs, you may encounter numerous sponges, giant gorgonian fans, corals and anemones, together with rare and unique tropical reef fish, sea slugs, snails, crabs and numerous other reef inhabitants. There are soft coral spots, caves, cliffs, canyons, muck and macro dive sites and so much to discover in over 40 dive sites in Romblon.

scuba diving holiday to Romblon

The Resort:

We will be staying at a resort situated on the water’s edge on the north-eastern corner of Romblon Island. All the staff is specialized in guiding and as spotters and can also assist in taking photos. They know the marine fauna and flora very well and can usually show guests most critters on their wish list

Marine Life:

The owners and their team are constantly exploring Romblon’s unique dive sites and keep record of all the species they find, including a couple rarities like Butterfly sea slugs (Cyerce nigra, Cyerce bourbonica, Cyerce elegans, Cyerce ssp.), the “holy grail” of critters, the Phantom nudibranch (Melibe colemani), Ghost nudibranch (Melibe engeli), Pontohi Pygmy Seahorse (Hippocampus pontohi), Severnsi Pygmy Seahorse (Hippocampus severnsi), Denise Pygmy Seahorse (Hippocampus denise), Braun’s Pughead Pipefish (Bulbonaricus brauni), Glittering pipefish (Halicampus nitidus), Japanese Dragon Shrimp (Anachlorocurtis commensalis), Chocolate Shrimp, Sashimi Shrimp, 5 types of hairy and algae shrimp, rare octopus, 500+ species of nudibranchs and sea slugs and many rare and unusual fish species.

Blackwater Diving:

Blackwater diving is simply a night dive over deep water. This form of scuba diving brings you far off the shore of Romblon Island into the Romblon Pass. Holding onto weighted down lines you can encounter life forms you cannot see anywhere else. The diurnal migration brings up countless species from deep water close to the surface. You can observe pelagic sea slugs, cephalopods, crustaceans, salps, jellyfish and numerous juvenile fish, crab and shrimp larvae. For this unique experience, good buoyancy and around 50 completed dives are required.

Price Includes:

• 10 nights’ accommodation
• 3 meals a day
• Unlimited drinking water, coffee and tea
• Return transfer from Manila airport to Romblon by private bus and shared air-conditioned room in overnight ferry from Batangas to Romblon
• 26 guided day boat dives
• Hire of 12 litre cylinders and weights
• Dive guides
• WiFi in public areas

As this is a very small resort, please contact us soonest for price and full details and to book! Divers from around the world are welcome and can pay in US$ or EURO if preferred.