RAID Nitrox course

Started on 19 May 2024
RAID Nitrox course

Discover Longer Dive Times with RAID Nitrox Course

Ever wished your underwater adventures could last a bit longer? Eager to understand decompression and use a gas that makes it possible? Well, say hello to Nitrox, the go-to specialty for divers. It’s not just a breathing gas; it’s a game-changer that many dive centers now exclusively offer. Let’s explore why.

Nitrox Benefits for Divers

Beyond the excitement of longer dives, Nitrox helps manage decompression sickness risk, making it a favorite in the diving community.

Insights into the Nitrox Course

Ready to boost your diving skills? The Nitrox course is more than just extending dive times; it’s about making smart decisions underwater.

What You’ll Learn

In the Nitrox course, you’ll gain new skills and knowledge. Firstly, find out why Nitrox is often better than regular air. Then, learn to plan Nitrox dives for safety and maximum fun.


Next, master labeling dive cylinders for safety and easily analyze Nitrox mix oxygen levels. Plus, discover how to fill in a Nitrox log for future reference.


Lastly, explore the perks of enriched oxygen for divers.

Convenient Remote Training

For your convenience, our Nitrox course offers flexible remote training through RAID’s REMOTe-Training. Attend virtual classes at home, earn your Nitrox certification at your own pace. Your RAID Instructor guides you through online academics, reviews progress, and demonstrates Nitrox analyzer safety.

Program Highlights

During the Nitrox program, dive into crucial topics: using Nitrox mixes, planning dives, understanding oxygen effects, safe Nitrox mix analysis, and proper cylinder labeling.

Prerequisites for Adventure

To enroll, be a certified RAID Open Water 20 diver or equivalent. Also, meet the minimum age requirement of 12 years.

Sign Up Now and Dive Longer with Nitrox

Ready to unlock Nitrox benefits? Sign up today for our Nitrox course and dive into longer, more exhilarating underwater adventures. Immerse yourself in the world of enriched oxygen, where every descent becomes an extraordinary journey.

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