Underwater Photography Course

Started on 21 Jun 2024

About our Underwater Photography Course

Sign up for our Underwater Photography Course and we’ll show you how to take really great photos underwater.  

Our underwater photography courses are presented by our in-house photo pro Kate Jonker. Kate is also an award-winning and published professional underwater photographer and international photography judge. All in all, you will get expert advice at all times!

Why do the Course?

We’ll teach you how to take photos you will be proud to show your friends and family. Furthermore, underwater photography is also a great way to relive your adventures and introduce others into the underwater world!

If you have a digital camera and underwater housing but don’t know how to use it, we’ll show you what to do. As well as teaching you the best techniques, we will show you how to care for you camera, too.

If you don’t have an underwater set-up, the choices can be quite daunting. Because of this, we will help you choose the right camera for you, while making sure your investment will last you for many years.

What you will learn

During this course, we will focus on what it takes to create beautiful images underwater, using natural and artificial (torch and strobe) lighting. 

Day 1: The theory of underwater photography and pool session: 

 Theory covered:

  • Camera Choices
  • Equipment Needed
  • Mastering shutter speed, aperture and ISO
  • Different Camera Modes
  • Light Underwater (i.e. using strobes, torches, ambient light)
  • Macro Underwater Photography – settings and lighting
  • Wide Angle Underwater – settings and lighting
  • Tips and Tricks to improve your underwater photography
  • Camera Care

In-water session:

  • Practicing your skills in our indoor, heated swimming pool
  • Review of your photos afterwards
  • Questions and answers
Day 2 (optional extra): Boat dives and image review
  • Two boat dives with Kate Jonker to take photos in the ocean
  • Review of your photos afterwards
  • Questions and answers

Advanced Underwater Photography Courses

Moreover, we also offer more advanced courses for experienced photographers wanting to perfect their technique.

Contact us today to sign up for this course and perfect your underwater photos!

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