How to Pronounce Nudibranch!

Something my instructor neglected to teach me on Open Water Diver Course was how to pronounce Nudibranch!

Many years ago, when I started diving, I discovered and fell in love with nudibranchs. What’s more, I told everyone about them. Everything was “nudibranch this” and “nudibranch that”….I bored them to death, I am sure!

protea dorid in Gordon's Bay
The rare Protea Dorid is commonly found in Gordon’s Bay

Without knowing any better, I said nuddi-branch (as in the thing growing on a tree)… After all, that is how it is spelt, isn’t it (!?!). Even worse, nobody told me how to pronounce nudibranch correctly for ages!

mandela nudibranch in Gordon's Bay
The Mandela Nudibranch is another rare nudi that can be found in Gordon’s Bay.

Then, a few months later, a kindly diver took me under her wing and told me the truth…

How to pronounce nudibranch!

“You pronounce it noodibrank!” she said.


I felt really stupid! 

black nudibranch in Gordon's Bay
Bautiful Black Nudibranchs can be found on most of the reefs in Gordon’s Bay.

All this time I had been trying so hard not to l behave like a novice diver. But I’d sounded like one every time I opened my mouth!

Coral nudibranch in Gordon's Bay
A beautiful Coral Nudibranch in Gordon’s Bay.

My dive buddies and other divers had just let me carry on pronouncing it incorrectly for weeks. Nevertheless, I comforted myself by telling myself they had not known either!

So, now you won’t fall into the same trap as me – you know how to pronounce nudibranch!

If you can’t summon the courage to say it properly (cos you don’t say it how it’s spelt!), you can always say Nudi (noody!). After all, that is what all of us Nudibranch lovers call them! 😀

blue gasflame nudibranch in Gordon's Bay
Blue Gasflame Nudibranch at Noble Reef in Gordon’s Bay.
Why are they called nudibranchs?

The word “nudibranch” comes from the Latin word nudus (naked) and Greek brankhia (gills) after their feathery, gill-like appendages.

crowned nudibranchs in Gordon's Bay
The yellow and black gills of these Crowned Nudibranchs stand out prominently.
What do you call all those other ‘parts’ on a nudibranch?

They also have a pair of tentacles (called rhinophores) on their heads which enable them to taste and smell.

candy nudibranch in gordon's Bay
The cerata of this Candy Nudibranch are bright blue.

Eolid nudibranchs have finger-like appendages called cerata that cover their backs. Cerata come in all shapes, colours, sizes and design. Cerata are responsible for breathing, digestion and defence.

There are loads and loads of nudis in Gordon’s Bay. On any one dive you will see more than 10 different types. There are so many of them, everywhere you look!

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